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Chapter 4 – The Second Stone

By Rita
Sharon continued her walk down the path. Now she was not alone. The small monkey scampered ahead of her.

Suddenly, to her surprise, she noticed that the blue stone pointed away from the path. Sharon looked where the stone pointed.

“That’s strange,” she said to the monkey. “There is no path in that direction, only trees.”

The monkey stopped at the sound of her voice and came running back toward her. Together they stepped off the path and walked in the direction the blue stone pointed.

“Well,” said Sharon as she looked at the huge tree she was facing. “The stone is pointing up toward this tree’s branches. Am I supposed to climb the tree or fly?”




The monkey looked at her and quickly climbed up to the first branch. It sat down on the limb and chattered at her. Then it bent down and picked up something blue from the tree limb.

“Oh,” said Sharon, as the small blue object flew through the air toward her. Before she could move out of the way, it hit the blue stone hanging on the chain around her neck.

There was a click as two blue things hit each other. Sharon looked at the blue stone. It was no longer a teardrop shape. A second blue teardrop-shaped stone had joined her original stone. The stone was now heart shaped.


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