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Chapter Two — Working With The Stone

By Evan

I had looked all over the country of Aquia, where my village was for months, or was it years?  Yet somehow, I had no trace.  During all that time, I kept the stone a secret from others, in a pouch I keep around my neck with a protective shield like substance I found I could create, which would drive a person into madness over a fake future of theirs.

I kept on also noticing the stone and what seems to be it’s power.  It keeps on calling, but not to me all the time.  I have a feeling that it also calls to outside this planet, as strange as it seems.  But while it was calling to others, I could hear some of what it was saying.  Something like “war”, “saving”, “start”, stuff like that.  I decided that I could try to see if it could tell me something about where my fellow townspeople were.

I tried that, and I saw a dark fort, filling with dark energies filled with people I recognized.  “Zeliga!” I whispered to myself.  It was the country of the dark elementals.  I didn’t know where the fort was, but at least I knew which country they were in.  And so I headed in that direction.  To Zeliga.

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