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The Ballad of Roselyn

By Carmen
The apple of her father’s eye

Turns sixteen years today,

And she goes out adventuring-

At home she would not stay.


She plans to catch a dragonling

And keep it for a pet:

But as with many of her plans

Good fortune is not met.


Her brother, Todd, their father told,

Who roars as she’s brought back:

“No child of mine shall dragons hunt;

You’ll be no dragon-snack!”


But Roselyn, as this girl is called,

Does feel her temper rise.

“You don’t want me – you just love Todd –

I’m nothing in your eyes!”


She turns, and to her own room flees,

Where she to dragon turns

By accident, for she knows not

That in her, magic burns.


She then in horror turns and flees

Afraid, confused, alone,

Until she finds a nearby wood

And by a brook lays prone.


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