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Chapter 5 – Hurry, Hurry

By Evan

So far I had the orb of souls and the orb of prophesy.  All I needed was the “Luminarium”, the sword of light, the “Atra”, sword of darkness, and some companions.  All according to Fortune of course.

I decided that the “Luminarium” would be the first sword I’d get.  I asked Fortune where it was.

“It should be on the top, or in the center of the Electric Mountain in State, the land of the Earth/Dirt/Land elementals,” she replied.

“What’s with all these oxymoron?”

“They’re meant to describe the area.  They just happen to sound like opposites.”

So there we were again.  Traveling to a place I never went to. Suddenly, one night when I was getting ready to sleep, everything started fading to green.”Hello.” said a familiar voice.  ‘Great’ I thought.  ‘Just what I need. Meditrina.’

“I’ve come for the first favor, sorry it’s kind of quick, but you can understand how time can be unpredictable I’m sure.”

“Okay, what do you want me to do?”

“I want you to go to the Electric Mountain—”

“Good, I was going there anyway.”




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