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Chapter 10 — A Battle of Wits and Magic

By Rita
Sharon shook her head as she still tried to get around Tom.

“Well,” growled Tom as he grabbed her arm, “if you won’t give it to me, I’ll have to take it.”

Tom jumped as shrill trumpeting broke the forest’s silence.

“Help has arrived!” Sharon thought, smiling as she broke his grasp on her arm. She had seen Jumbo coming down the path.

Once his trainer had made him kneel, many people spilled off Jumbo’s back.

“Mom,” shouted Sharon as she rushed toward the group of people, “and Grandpa.”

“Sharon, are you all right?” Her mother looked unusually pale.

“Just fine,” replied Sharon, giving her mother a big hug. “You got here just in time.”

“Hi, Bill,” said Tom calmly looking at her grandfather, “I saw you earlier, but you seemed busy, so I thought I’d catch up with Sharon and talk with her.”

“Sharon,” asked her grandfather, “Did he get the necklace?”

“No,” she replied grinning, “I hid it in the woods long before he met me.”

“Good girl,” said her grandfather.



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