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Chapter 10 — A Battle of Wits and Magic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 2

“So, Tom,” he continued more firmly, “why were you touching my granddaughter?”

“She wouldn’t answer my questions. She wouldn’t talk at all,” came the gruff reply, “and I wanted the necklace you gave her. I wasn’t planning to hurt her, just get the necklace.”

“Do you want the entire necklace, or just a single blue stone?” asked Sharon’s grandfather.

He reached into a pocket and brought out another blue stone. He stood there, tossing it up and down in one hand.

Tom’s eyes went wide. He stood there staring at the stone as it went up and down.




Suddenly he darted forward, reaching for the stone. As he touched it there was a flash and a sizzle.

Tom dropped to the ground as if struck by lightning. Sharon’s grandfather was nowhere to be seen.






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