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Chapter Six: A Pleasant Surprise . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 4

You look again at the map, which now says, “Release the lions.  They can aide you.”

The winged lioness is now staring at you intently.  Suddenly, you hear, inside your head, Why are you here, human?  None live here aside from the fairies and the elves. You gasp, then look at the lion-like creature more carefully. “Did you say that?”

Yes.  You seem surprised.  Can no animals speak in the human world?

“No; none.”

You have yet to answer my question.  Please explain your purpose here.

You tell her and the griffin (if the lion can understand, couldn’t he?) about your day,



beginning with the mysterious disappearance of the town’s inhabitants and ending with finding them.

Ahhh.  Yes.  I understand now.  Human, do you see the button on the side of my cage?

“Yes.”  Even though you tell her your name, she persists in calling you by the name of your species.

If you push that, and the identical one on my friend’s prison, we shall both be freed.  If you help us, we shall assist you as well as we can.  You needn’t respond aloud; the both of us can understand the meaning of your thoughts.



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