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Modern Myths – Creativity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 3

Creae closed the door and sat back down.  Certainly, yes, he could banish Com – and certainly would if she challenged him – but would it be worth the trouble?  Devising a system of communication amongst mankind took long enough the first time.  The ideal solution would be to find a way to undo Cal’s trouble and appease Com. 

He would have to think about the first part some more – Cal would always be ready with more mischief – but he thought he might have a solution for Com.  In truth, she had a right to be angry – the goddess of communication

would be deeply offended at anything that hinted at miscommunication, and Cal had somehow impressed various youths to sabotage several hundred miles’ worth of telegraph wires.  Technology Com had worked for centuries to achieve, and it was clearly no match for Cal.  Creae wondered if that was why Cal had done it – to prove that he could undermine the authority of any other god.  This seemed beyond a practical joke, though….  He would deal with that later.  Creae summoned Com. 

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