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Modern Myths – Space Exploration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 2

“Perhaps,” he suggested to his father as they walked home, “Cal means no harm.”

“Nonsense.”  Kosmos knew Cal.  “He knows exactly what he’s doing.  The question is why. If man should stop experimenting with space now, you may become an Unknown.”

Astro shuddered.  He knew enough about Unknowns to know that he didn’t want to be one.  If a god became Unknown, he lost his name and his craft was forgotten among men.  It was as though he ceased to exist.


What can I do? he wondered.  Despite Kosmos’s views, Astro resolved to speak with Cal soon.  The next morning, if possible.


True to his intentions, Astro sought for Cal early the next morning.  When he found the older god, Cal was looking through a stack of pages.  Before Astro could see the papers clearly, Cal slipped them into a knapsack.

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